Twin Peaks Middle School

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Name Subject 858.748.5131+
Andrade, Megan  6th/7th Math 2917
Beaudoin, Barbara  Spec Ed RSP 2918 
Chinn, Earl   6th Grade 2912 
Cruz, Michelle  6th Grade 2913
Cuizon, Roy  7th Science 2709 
Daher, Tiffany  7th/8th Gr English, ELL 2309 
Delaney, Dave  7th Gr Social Science 2303
Ekblad, Tom  6th Grade 2911 
Faulkner, Jennifer  8th Gr. Science 2716 
Fawcett, Patrick
 6th Gr, Foundation Rep 2908 
Fenwick, Megan  Spanish 2920 
Fisher, Leslie  7th/8th Gr. Science 2717 
Fixsen, Katie
 7th Gr. Social Science 2309 
Gardner, Clair  6th/7th Gr. Math 2402 
Gornall, Danielle  7th/8th Gr. Math 2209 
Hillebrecht, Amy  6th Gr. Math/7th Gr.Science 2701
Huerta, Mary Ruth    6th/7th/8th RSP 2921
Jackson, Kenneth   7th/8th Gr Math 2923 
Johnson, Debi    7th/8th PE, 7th AVID 2915 
Johnson, Laurie    6th Grade 2914 
Keller, Kodi  6th/7th LA  2306
Knapp, Gail   PE 2511/2922 
Knapp, Rand
 PE 2502/2926 
Laborin, Donna   6th Grade 2916 
Lannen, Jeff   8th Gr Math 2924  
Lewellin, Karla  SpEd ASD 2906
Lingenhol, Holly    SpEd ASD 2905 
Lou, Xoong   7th Gr Math 2919 
Lusk, Jeff   PE 2520/2926 
Matautia, Mikk  6th Grade, AVID 2907  
McKibbin, Casey  7th/8th Gr. Social Science 2302 
McKibbin, Sue  8th Gr English, ASB/WEB 2105 
McLaughlin, Deanna  6th Grade 2926
Meyer, Kathy   6th Gr, AVID 2910 
Migna, Victor  8th Gr. Science 2716 
Mills, Cyndi   6th Grade 2909 
Moreau, Andrew   Band 2603 
Parker, Emily
 7th Science 2713
Penuliar, Jonathan  8th Gr English 2109
Pleune, Kathryn Art  2407
Reiner, Ulli   Orchestra  2613
Repking, Amanda  Spec Ed RSP 2915
Robertson, Diane  Spec Ed RSP 2107 
Rubacky, Danielle   6th Grade 2914 
Shaw, Ryan  Spec Ed SDC 2207 
Taglienti, Greg   PE, Speech 2521/2908 
Tarzy, Mary-Ellyn  Spec Ed SDC  2206 
Tudor, Denae   7th/8th LA 2922 
Wallace, Heather  6th/8th Gr Social Science 2205/2915 
Wood, Shawnee    7th /8th Gr Social Science 2106 

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